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IV Antibiotics Specialist

Nizar A Tejani, MD PC -  - Primary Care

Nizar A Tejani, MD PC

Primary Care & Infectious Disease Specialist located in Stockbridge, GA

Intravenous antibiotics are usually available only in a hospital setting, which can make the whole process expensive and inconvenient. At Nizar A. Tejani MD PC, the private practice of internal medicine and infectious diseases specialist Nizar Tejani, MD, MPH, you can get the specific IV antibiotics you need in a safe and comfortable office setting. Call the Stockbridge, Georgia, office or click the provided link to schedule an appointment now.

IV Antibiotics Q&A

What are IV antibiotics?

Antibiotics are drugs that fight bacterial infections by either destroying bacteria or preventing it from multiplying. With IV antibiotics, you receive the necessary medication through a slim tube (a catheter) that is gently inserted into a large vein in your inner elbow.

While oral antibiotics are the most common way to take this type of medication, there are several situations in which IV antibiotics might be a better choice, including:

  • Severe infections
  • Infections in which you need a dose that’s too large to take orally
  • Infections resistant to oral antibiotics
  • Infections in areas like bones, which don’t absorb oral antibiotics well

In most cases, IV antibiotics are a hospital treatment, but Dr. Tejani provides IV antibiotics in the office. 

What conditions might require IV antibiotics?

IV antibiotics may treat a number of serious infections effectively, including:

  • Cellulitis
  • Diabetic foot infections
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Blood infections
  • Nonhealing wounds
  • Postoperative infections
  • Sepsis
  • Infective endocarditis
  • Severe recurrent urinary tract infections

If your condition warrants IV antibiotics, Dr. Tejani can explain your recommended treatment course and help you start your recovery right away. 

What are the advantages of outpatient IV antibiotics?

Outpatient IV antibiotics are far more convenient than going to the hospital for the same treatment.  In addition to that, you have the confidence of knowing that you’re in a safe and sterile environment for your treatment — no worries about hospital-acquired infections that could compromise your already-fragile health. 

With Dr. Tejani, you’re directly under the care of a highly experienced infectious diseases specialist. In a hospital setting, IV treatments are usually administered and supervised by people who aren’t experts in the field of infectious diseases. 

The cost is another big advantage of IV antibiotics treatment at the office of Nizar A. Tejani MD PC. Avoiding the hospital means avoiding big hospital bills — outpatient IV antibiotics are just a fraction of the cost of inpatient hospital care. 

IV antibiotics also go to work far faster than oral antibiotics because you get them in a large dose, straight into your bloodstream. So, if you’re seriously ill, IV antibiotics can help you recover more quickly.

At the practice of Nizar A. Tejani MD, IV antibiotics are accessible, safe, and easy. To learn more about this type of treatment, call the office or click on the provided scheduling link now.